Quiet Boy - kindle ebook by Tom Kavanagh


Quiet boy, or QB for short, is a young introvert who hates to talk. He’s quite content to stay in a world of silence, but his parents are at the end of their tether. They want QB to get better, so they sign him up for a ‘special’ summer camp to help him get better. After refusing his parents gesture, his granddad convinces him to go, and asks QB to keep him updated in the form of letters.

Through his letters to his granddad, we follow QB’s journey through a new and terrifying world. Throughout his time at camp, QB is forced to step outside of his comfort zone, constantly having to battle with his urge to run away, and his sincere want to get better. He makes new friends, new enemies, and learns tough lessons about being young and living with anxiety.

But all the lessons he’s learnt may not prepare him for a looming event at the end of camp, and for a phone call that turns his world upside down. QB quickly realises that getting better doesn’t always happen as quickly as you’d like it to.

Written by Tom Kavanagh. Edited by Richard Sheehan. Book cover done by Murray Somerville.