ROYAL AMERICA - a western fantasy by Steve Moore

This Western Fantasy novel is about what if the British never lost America?  The first British Western perhaps?

Would the Native Americans have been better off? Would they have  been recruited into military regiments like say,  the Queen's Own Apache Rifles?

The Book opens as Geronimo is harvesting salt at the Gila Mountains Salt Lake when a troop of British Army,  Household Cavalry Lifeguards make contact with Geronimo for the first time.

This Book features, Sitting Bull, Chocise, Lozen, Victorio, Frederick J Horniman, Abraham Lincoln, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.  It is based on the premise, that King George the Third dies as premature baby. The British keep the jewel in the crown that is the Americas and don't go to India, the capital is Hannover DC (Dominion Capital). To the North are the Norse Americans and the Kingdom of Quebec,  to the South the Aztec Spanish and in between the Imperial Chinese are out to secure mineral wealth.  Along the West coast is British California and Lord Rhodes is out to expand the railways and exploit gold and so now he wants to invade the black hills of Dakota. The one rule Steve Moore has stuck to is don't mess with Texas who are a independent republic allied to the British and Royal American Empire.

Every aspect of this book is fast paced and challenging and perhaps controversial. Importantly, it is a story based on historical trends and events are plucked from history and twisted into a very different version of possibilities;  South west of what might have been..........................

Steve Moore

Steve Moore is a South London, English author who has a deep interest in the lands of America and in particular the Native American peoples. He has written two short stories about his Border Collie dog called Mab the Urban Collie  and a non fiction dissertation called Maritime Security: the Port of Singapore, also available on Amazon Kindle