The Acolytes of Crane - science fiction by J. D. Tew

Kindle Countdown Deal - November 26th & 27th, 2014

Theodore Crane is haled to step out of his ordinary life as a prankster to become a person who leads armies to glory. After he recruits a rag-tag group of teens from his community, he and his friends set out to discover the mysteries of the Galaxy in a style all their own.

The Acolytes of Crane is a quasi-memoir of my childhood with a SciFi spin. I am personally invested in this series, in that, I have poured out my memories of abuse to reveal the ugliness of it, only to then show the beauty of overcoming these challenges. My goal, is to encourage children to speak out if they live in an abusive situation. And if I can motivate boys to read at the same time, I'll take it as a bonus.

Being a military veteran, I decided to permanently make November the month in which I will always donate my royalties to The Wounded Warrior Project—a wonderful organization that supports disabled vets.