Stairway2 Heaven - sci-fi novel by Chaz Thompson

Whatever you think you know about your soul . . . THINK AGAIN.

In 22nd century New Los Angeles, burned-out, has-been psychic Matthias Chalmers stopped caring about his family a long time ago. At least he tried.

When his life hits what he hopes is the bottom, he is blackmailed into recovering a formula for a drug that separates the soul from the human body, and the lives of his family members hang in the balance, and much more.

Fast-paced, thought-provoking, acerbic, profane, Stairway2 Heaven examines the nature of consciousness, the power of corporate religion, and personal spiritual empowerment.

If you're sick of fatalistic, doomsday, dystopian sci-fi, if you want speculative drama with a sense of hope, this is your read. Gritty? Sure. Grim? Sure. But at its core, Stairway2 Heaven suggests there is more to living than religious dogma and political pontificating.

Inspired by a short story I wrote in 1980, Stairway2 Heaven asks more questions than it answers. My personal homage to one of my favorite novels by Kurt Vonnegut Jr, "Cat's Cradle", Stairway2 Heaven hopefully evokes discussions and meditations and speculations on the deeper aspects of consciousness.


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