The Witch Within - book for kindle by Iva Kenaz

A bewitching medieval adventure

The Witch Within is a novel full of soulful adventures and esotericism. It’s romantic as well as realistic, inspired by legends yet also based on facts. Throughout the story readers find themselves in the middle of enchanted woods, amid good and tricky spirits, animal guardians, witch-hunters, but mainly in a soul of a girl who was born to become a sorceress of light.


16th century, Bohemia

After she has been charged with witchcraft, sixteen-year-old Talitha escapes to the abandoned Cursed Lands and seeks the ancient cave of her ancestors. In the deep woods, she starts to remember her ancestral lore of healing and magical symbolism and receives guidance on how to survive from the local spirits.
But soon she’s captured by two men, who were sent to take her to the local justice. One is a brute, but the other one is fatally attracted to her. After Talitha manages to escape them, she finds her ancestral cave, but also another one at the highest peak of the forest where a group of refugee women have established a camp. By facing both the dark and bright side of her kin, Talitha learns that what she thought was her curse, may yet become her gift.

The Witch Within was greatly influenced by a book called The Secret History of the Czech Lands, which describes the fascinating long-lost lore of the local ancient tribes. Another significant inspiration flourished from the Rune Symbolism, Paganism and Sacred Geometry. The Witch Within is the first part of a series. The sequel is to be published next year.