Wolf Creek Alpha (Texas Pack 1) - Kindle ebook by Jo Ellen


Lisa finds out she is a witch that is mated to an alpha werewolf. She is snarky and witty with a backbone of steel. Well, at least in our world. Confronting an evil dark Fae in his realm scares the crap out of her! But she has her mate, Rafe there to protect her, along with his brothers and other magical beings.

Rafe’s job as alpha is to protect the magical pond that sits in front of their home. This gift from the Faery Queen is for all shifters. Once he finds his mate, he must now keep her safe also. Rafe is used to be in charge and having a strong willed mate challenges his protective instincts.

Meet his brothers, Ian the enforcer, stoic and tough. His youngest brother Devlin, funny and super smart. Then there is Robert, the Queens guard who has long been a friend of the family. Robert is a beautiful light Fae that will flirt with almost every woman he meets.

Amazon Reviews:

"Wow I pick up this book by mistake and to my surprise it was great. Clean read a little funny. Well written..”

"Woohoo for Texas Pack. First off I am from Texas so I LOVED the title right off. But seriously I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next one in this series. I have not enjoyed a book this much in awhile, it was nice to get a great story with great characters all the while not having to flip through all the sex scenes. Don't get me wrong I like some sex in the story but not so much that start skipping until I can tell they are done. This story had everything I like mystery, romance,comedy,danger and great characters. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. I will definately pay close attention to this author in the future.”

"Werewolves, witches, Fay and werepanthers equal a fun filled story! I could not put the book down and was sorry to see the book end.”

"This is a very well written story with, wonderful charachter development. I enjoyed this book from start to finish. With so many great charchters in the story I'm hoping for a sequel.
While it is true as the other reviewer pointed out that this book is light on sex, I found it to be a refreshing change from many of the stories I've been reading lateley which have been almost total smut and completely devoid of any story line.”