The Wild Card by Dena Starostovic

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In The Wild Card, the main character Sienna, is very relatable women to most 30-40 somethings in America.  She is a mom, a wife, a professional.  She goes about life, and a very satisfied one, day to day and is not unhappy by any means.  But there is something, just the same as most people, where in the back of her mind she is saying "Somethings Got To Give".  Feeling as though just being content isn't enough, her wish comes true as a gang of ruthless Columbian Drug Lords comes into her company and she becomes a pawn to them to get what they want. What she also doesn't realize though is that she is also a pawn for the main 'boss' as he has been watching her for months.  He has some fantasy that she can complete him and become his partner.  He wants her in his life and ends up kidnapping her in order to fulfill those wishes, dragging her back to Columbia on the pretense that by going with him she saved all the people that she works with.  The rest of the story is all the drama that unfolds during this kidnapping.  The problem is she finds him extremely attractive, kind and a sort of lost soul, with a soul. And although kidnapped and living in a world of danger, she is treated almost princess like, and begins to wonder about this man.  Is he the one to bring her out of her "funk" - although life is ripe with danger.  All if these thoughts are goign through her all the while his father is very unhappy about him bringing her to the family home as a prisoner. Or will she choose to stay loyal to her family and do whatever it takes to get home?  And at what cost.  This book is different, quite simply because it isn't a sex story, it isn't a love story, it isn't a mystery - its a combination of all of this into a great dramatic storyline.