Biblical Hebrew The Creation Part 1- a language Learning Tool by Yigal Tzadka

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Delve into the fascinating world of the Bible. Few people truly understand Biblical Hebrew. Be one of the select few who can learn the Bible from the original Text in Hebrew.

This book will explain selected word from the Biblical text. It is set up in a simple easy-to-understand layout that allows Bible lovers to read at any pace, even just a few words a day.

This is the first in a series that explains Genesis, Exodus and Psalms.
The author, Yigal Tzadka bridges the immense gap between Biblical Hebrew and the standard English translations in a clear and concise way. After reading this book, learning the Bible will be a whole new experience. Everything will be more understandable and exciting.

Discover the true essence of the first word of the Bible, "Bereshit", usually simply translated as in the beginning. What does it really mean? How can it better be understood? What does the text mean when it says that the world was without form? Is this phrase used elsewhere in the Bible?

All these intriguing questions and more will be answered in this volume.

Why should you get this book?

§         Learn Biblical Hebrew without any previous knowledge of Hebrew.
§         When you buy this book, you will receive free audio files, so you can hear Hebrew text from the book, to help you learn proper pronunciation.
§         The Hebrew words are accompanied by transliteration to help you read them.
§         We offer the option of contacting the editor with any questions you have on the text in this book and elsewhere in the Bible.
§         This book provides many topics of discussion for Bible enthusiasts to contemplate and discuss.
§         Learn new remarkable ideas about Hebrew Language.
§         This book also contains articles about a variety of topics connected to the Bible including: interesting historical facts, archaeology, and the land of Israel.
§         Learn connections between Biblical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew and other ancient Languages.

This book is one of the most innovative and exciting books available for Bible lovers. It provides a stimulating platform for Bible enthusiasts upon which to base a discussion, class, or debate. The richness it brings to Bible study is outstanding and presented in such an understandable, straight forward fashion.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to purchase this wonderful book for yourself or as a present for your friends and family.