Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch - A Young Adult Novel by J.E.Hunter

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Believing isn't always easy...

Grandma steered the car around a bend in a road.  “Vanessa, you need to stop believing everything the media tells you. Magic exists.  Magical creatures just choose to keep their existence a secret because it's safer.  For you to believe that the unexplainable doesn't exist is plain stupidity, especially given the events that have happened to you recently.”

I glowered; choosing to run my fingers through my tangled, wet hair instead of replying to my grandma.  She seemed as inclined to silence as I was and pushed no further.

I reached down into my purse, which I’d left on the floor of the car, and pulled out my cell phone.  Pulling up Marnie's contact information, I typed her a text message.  Help me!  Grams is wacko.

... But for some reason we try.  Nessa might not want to believe that things she thought were myths are real, but when she comes face to face with mermaids and magic, she's forced to face the truth.  But it isn't just magic that makes Nessa's head spin, it's falling in love, falling out of friendship, and growing up in a world full of danger and intrigue.

A book that brings creatures from mythology together with the modern world, Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch is a fast-paced read in a fantastical world.  Nessa is a reluctant heroine, but who wouldn't be, when suddenly told that stories from childhood are based in reality?  Magic exists, and it's not just around her, it's in her.  Yet Nessa still struggles with accepting her new life.  Becoming friends with mermaids and selkies, and falling for a pirate, who has a magical gift for finding treasure, helps Nessa adjust to her own powers as a sea-witch.  Soon she's calling up waves, making ice blocks, and even walking on water.  But magic isn't just given - it can be taken, too - and there are some who would give anything to have what Nessa has.