Guided by the Poet - a contemporary romance by Shoshanna Engel

For years, Professor Beatrice Greene has been a dedicated scholar propelling herself towards respect and success. With a teaching position at St. Sebastian's University and several papers published, Bea is just beginning to carve out a significant place for herself in academia. However, shortly after her thirty-third birthday, the professor becomes subsumed in a nameless discontent that she simply cannot shake. In hopes of escaping from her funk, Bea deviates from her previously straight and narrow trajectory when a strapping young grad student by the name of José Miguel Del León catches her eye. What begins as an illicit liaison between teacher and student develops into something neither Bea nor José Miguel ever dreamt of. Bea's fantasies find a place in reality as the dashing José Miguel proves that he is more than just a skilled lover. In fact, Bea's student unlocks a dormant part of her spirit that she never knew existed. The newly awakened Bea embarks on a path of self-discovery in which her values are shifted and the world as she knows it takes on new dimensions.

This novel is full of forbidden love, steamy sex and intrigue. It also charts the personal journey of a repressed writer finding her voice and allowing her creativity to take flight.