Summers' Love - a Cute and Funny Cinderella Love Story by Stu Summers

SUMMER’S LOVE doesn’t really take itself seriously, but that’s exactly what makes it such a fun read. ~ Amazon readers

$1.99 (from Dec 24-Dec 31)

When Stu Summers was in high school, he dreamed of moving to an island and writing romantic, yet funny, love stories. (Because love is, after all, a comedy. I mean seriously. If you look at how men and women are wired it's obvious someone - God, maybe - loves conflict and comedy. She spends hours getting ready to go out. He goes out to his car in his boxers. She can multi-task and juggle ten thoughts at a time. His gaze hasn't left the television since last time the power went out. )

Although a girl in high school broke his heart, Stu never lost his passion for telling funny stories about his awkward romantic encounters. (Stu once closed his eyes, puckered up and kissed a wall when the girl eased away.) Today Stu is living his dream. While fiercely protective of his privacy (he refuses to divulge the name of the island from which he writes), Stu remains loyal to his readers, giving them glimpses into his pain, while lacing his stories with humor.

Stu Summers is an award-winning novelist and the author of "In Heat", "Puppy Love", "Paws On My Heart", "Hound Dog Heart", and "That Dog Won't Hunt" - all of which have been pulled from publication. (In Summers' Love you will learn why his former publisher yanked his books and purchased ALL used copies.)