Killing the Man - A thriller by Kenneth B Humphrey

"So, get this. In the course of trying to make sense of life, I found my road on the other side of a man who played no favorites. He killed whomever he needed to: black, white and everything in between.
And of course this whole mess also involved a girl, but she wasn’t my wife."

Fans of characters like Nelson DeMille's John Corey will get a kick out of Rick Killing. There is no situation so dire that he can't crack wise, even in the midst of a planned race war.

"It starts with the violent murders of three white upstanding professionals; three crimes stark in their symbolism. The first victim is found hanging from a tree, iron shackles around his neck and wrists. The second is burned alive in a white hood and robe. The third, staked through with a wooden cross.

Someone is sending a message, one that calls back to a dirty time in our nation's history, but what does it all mean? Rick has no idea. He's a man of failed promise who let his life slip off track and now only wants to get his own house in order. But as the murders continue, he finds that the focus is on him. Why? Is he the next target, or the next reason?

To answer those high-stakes questions, to reclaim the life he wants, Rick will have to go straight through men with plans for a new, mad world order; men who kill for cold purpose. It ends with a challenge to everything Rick has ever held close and a threat to the lives of those nearest to him.​"​

Killing the Man tells several tales. First and foremost, it speaks to the problems that plague America: Ferguson, MO; Michael Brown; racial divide. But underneath it all, this book tells a deeper tale, that of a man who knows he hasn't lived up to his potential and needs that one thing to be his crucible.