Her Gardener's Secret - a romance by Ruby Loren


“It was great to read a romance where the girl is smart and works outdoors instead of in a shop or office.”

Love, rivalry, and revenge are blossoming beneath the branches in a country park and gardens in this steamy romance novel.

Jake and Lydia have been in a relationship together since leaving university, but when Lydia starts volunteering at country gardens, Heathley, she instantly clashes with the seriously sexy head gardener, Scott. For some unknown reason, Scott takes an instant dislike to her and Lydia is assigned jobs which isolate her from the rest of the group of volunteers and gardeners.

Unfortunately for Scott, that just makes Lydia more determined to show him that she is serious about gardening. But the harder she tries, the more things seem to end in disaster. And Scott has a talent for being right there when it all goes wrong. Will Lydia ever make him change his mind about her?

When a long awaited job opportunity finally arises at Heathley, there is fierce rivalry in the gardens that threatens to push her relationship to the breaking point. Lydia discovers that not everyone has shown their true colours yet.

Lydia is tempted by a garden romance, but will this path lead only to heartbreak?