Rehabilitation (Unbelief Book I, Dystopian Trilogy) - a science fiction thriller by C.B. Stone

**A good sci-fi dystopian thriller with plenty of twists.**

**A most interesting story so far. Just imagine a young girl, Sinna, being friends with a believer, Jacob. Then, try and determine what you would do if your friend is sent to Rehab. Quite the question and one which will be answered in this first book of the trilogy. The ending contains a most unexpected surprise for the reader which I always appreciate in a story. Highly recommended.**

**A sci-fi thriller. A disturbing peek into a possible future.**

**Move over Hunger Games, this is the new survival book.**

Sample Chapter Sneak Peek

It’s been a month since the last Selection. The people taken for Trials, kids mostly, have already come back. Everyone passed this time, which is good, but I still worry about that day in the courtyard. Jacob got a lot of attention and even though he’s already eighteen, it’s not beyond the realm of impossible for him be Selected for Trials again. And I just know he wouldn’t pass Trials if he was Selected again.

He just wouldn’t. He’s not that good of a liar.

He’s mostly worried about Samantha though, while I worry more about him. Kids are adaptable and I’m fairly certain Samantha would be okay. She might have to be retaught a little bit, but Sammy is only nine. Things would go a lot easier for her if she were sent to Rehabilitation than they would for Jacob. She would learn pretty quickly to forget everything he taught her.

But Jacob? I just don’t think he’s capable of forgetting God. And if I’m being 100%
honest, I’m not sure I’d even want him to. It’d change who he is too much. He wouldn’t be “my” Jacob any longer if his beliefs were eradicated. Even if I do think his stubbornness puts him in unnecessary danger.