Twilight Visitor - a global techno-thriller by Réal Laplaine

Thriller novel depicts startling scenario of China, Iran and North Korea tipping the scales on nuclear war says this about Twilight Visitor… “Twilight Visitor is quickly becoming a cult classic on Amazon…”

Twilight Visitor embraces a global scenario, a techno-thriller that challenges the reader to face the reality of nuclear threat and the sparking-points where such a threat can become reality; as China invades Iran for its oil and Iran retaliates by firing a nuclear warhead on Beijing. As the crisis spirals upward, North Korea throws-in with its own threat of nuclear reprisal should any nation interfere with China, causing an international panic as global powers are suddenly helpless to stop the imminent debacle.

Novelist David Luddington says this… “Twilight Visitor is a high concept thriller that is comparable with the best of Dan Brown or Jack Higgins.”

Thrilling to the end, the book also poses philosophical questions about the future of mankind, as well as introducing us to an enigmatic and beautiful off-worlder, one who has come to earth to help save it from disaster. The alien visitation is seamlessly introduced, and the focus of the story remains on two simultaneous stories, as the world edges toward nuclear meltdown, and that of the life of one man, a bioengineer vacationing on the beaches of Portugal, himself challenged by his own mid-life crisis, who suddenly finds himself facing off with this mystery woman, who tries to convince him that he has the means of stopping the imminent global meltdown. says this… “The story races along with (the) pace of a Tom Clancy thriller”
Amazon Hall of Famer top reviewer, Grady Harp, said… “Though there are many reasons why Réal Laplaine’s writing is so captivating – his sense of bizarre stories, his ability to make the surreal seem more real than our known reality, the underlying philosophical issues about the future of mankind his stories raise, his seeming grasp of the unknown – but chief among the qualities of his success is the eloquence of his manipulation of language.”