America: We Have the Country We Want - nonfiction by Mark Mullen

In his new book, America: We Have the Country We Want, author Mark Mullen asks:

Is America becoming a country of throw away employees?

Can taxing the rich save America?

Has corporate America violated its sacred trust between employee and employer?

How do Americans feel about their local school and the way it educates their children?

What external factors shape what we see, hear, and read?

Is gun ownership a bad thing?

Why do some people complain about religious displays on public property?

Are all CEOs overpaid?

Are Americans being rewarded by blaming others for our mistakes?

Are there skill gaps between entry level workers and the jobs they will be asked to perform?

Are we justified in complaining about Wall Street Greed and a heartless corporate America?

Does social media provide us with more friends?

Why do politicians promote college for everyone?

This five star, Readers’ Favorite, book answers these questions, and more. Mullen challenges, entertains, enlightens, and exposes readers to pertinent analysis and observations on some of todays most talked about social issues. The chapter on education is particularly relevant in 2015 as the President and Congress debate free community college education for all.  Mullen’s analysis examines real facts surrounding a college education and the workforce. You may be surprised as to what the numbers suggest.

Another relevant President / Congress debate will focus on raising taxes on the rich by closing loopholes and increasing the capital gains tax rate to generate new revenue to pay for existing programs.  This begs the question, how much should the rich be taxed?  Under the heading of “Blame the Rich” Mullen addresses this issue.  The numbers tell an interesting story.

Under the heading of “Leaderless Corporate America” Mullen examines the impact of the board of directors on the CEO and corporate America.  You may not know their names or faces, but they earn mid to high six-figure incomes for working the equivalent of 4 hours per week.  Learn who boards are truly accountable to.

America was founded on the principles of self-determination. To fully exercise those beliefs we must always question and challenge the words and actions of our politicians and media. America: We Have the Country We Want challenges readers to press the perimeters of what we imagine to be true and what is real.