World Unknown Review Volume I - an anthology edited by L.S. Engler

Be a part of something new and exciting with the very first volume of the World Unknown Review, an independent literary publication intended to help bring great stories to its readers and build a strong community between its writers.  For less than a buck, you not only get 11 stories and 1 novella, but you also get to help support an independent endeavor in publishing.

There's a little bit of something for everything in WUR Vol I: there's romance, dragons, space adventures, history, memoir, and everything in between. . Authors include Miriam Sagan, Robert Robinson, Shan Jeniah Burton, Joe Bellamy, D.J. Lutz, Fallon Brown, Wesley J. Connell, Michael C. Smith, Luther M. Siler, Bilal Rahmani, Nicholas Conley, and L.S. Engler.  You're bound to find a new story and author to fall in love with, if not several!