Destiny Finds Her - Time Travel Romance by Miranda Lynn

What girl doesn't love coffee, wine, books, and designer shoes? Now imagine being thrown back in time where all those luxuries won't be created for decades. That's exactly what happens to Jami, taken from her comfortable life and faced with the truth of who and what she is. Throw in a shape shifting gypsy, a hunky and moody Highland warrior, and a shaggy dog that only obeys Jami and you have the making of a heck of a tale. But that's not enough to throw her way, just as she starts to adjust Destiny throws another twist that makes her choose between accepting who she is and saving her true love or walking away from it all.

Devlin is happy with his life and is in no hurry to change that, but Destiny has other plans. Fight as he might the attraction he has for Jami it won’t be denied. When he sees what she will do for his clan and family he vows to never let her go. Love may have not been in his plans, but Destiny can’t be denied.

This is just the start of Jami's story of love, learning, loss, and laughter. Destiny finds her, will Destiny Find YOU?