Dirty Money: Memoirs of a stripper by Erin Louis


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     I decided to write this after playing the “should-a, could-a, would-a, game” for many years.  Did I make a bad choice?  Should I have gone to school to be a lawyer or doctor, instead of a stripper?  According to many TV doctors, strippers are mal-adjusted, prone to addiction, and have many underlying psychological issues.  That most if not all dancers have no chance at a happy life and are more likely than not doomed to live a life of failure and bad relationships.
      I may not be the picture of mental health, but I have managed to avoid the typical pitfalls of the adult entertainment industry.  And while there are many dancers who live up to and perpetuate the stereotype of a stripper, there are a few who manage to live well-adjusted lives, free from pimps and drugs.