Essays from Dysfunctional Families: Literary Betrayal - a Short Story by Casey Bell

What would you do if your family member became a best selling author by writing a book that exposed your family secrets?  This unique book Dysfunctional Betrayal is the first of its kind.  Two books in one (sorta, kinda).  The first book Essays from Dysfunctional Families is a fictional book loosely based on real events that has the subjects of the book feeling betrayed. Dean K Brent (Fictional Character), the writer of the book took his loved one’s deepest secrets and exaggerated them to create a best-selling book. A book signing tour causes him to return home to an unforgiving family. After reading book Essays from Dysfunctional Families by Dean you get introduced to another book: Literary Betrayal.  This book is a fictional drama revealing the aftermath of the publishing of Essays from Dysfunctional Families.  Both family and friends of Dean express their disappointments, disapproval, and unsatisfactory opinions of his new best-seller. Because his deeds cannot be undone, none of them can find it east to forgive or forget such a devious act. Dysfunctional Betrayal…What are you hiding?