Fighting Fifty, Hot Flushes and Nose Hair by Elaine Naylor

About The Book
Anita Richardson thought the 7 menopausal dwarfs; cartooned in a Google Images poster were an exaggeration, until she experienced her own pre-menopause meltdown. As Anita fights fifty the emotional rollercoaster leads her to bouts of random weeping, profuse sweating, fits of anger and even a road rage ordeal. The offer of a secondment to work on The Big Contract presents Anita with the perfect opportunity to distance herself from the Project Manager she once called a friend.  Anita’s move to the South West office isn’t as cordial as she hoped. The support from a work colleague and a hunky project manager barely compensates for how much Anita misses her best friend or how her husbands’ refusal to join her, fractures their marriage further. But the worse is yet to come. A workplace confrontation and a contract issue that forces an old friend back into her life makes Anita wish she’d stayed in Liverpool.
I hope you enjoy Anita’s story, the friends who support her and the men who play a part in her mid-life journey.