Ignited Desire - a romance by Marco Lease


This is a story about a marriage romance that goes through a storm. Anyone that reads this story whether married or not will be able to identify with the main character's struggles. The keys to a good relationship mostly boils down to honesty, trust, and communication. Often these qualities are easier said than done as this story will depict. This book will cause the reader to feel a wide range of emotions. The reader will laugh and possibly shed a tear, or two. The supporting characters are full of personality and add humor to the story. The conflict between the main characters is very common in marriages. The way that the main characters deal with their problem is what drives the story to a climax (no pun intended). Finally a hidden secret is revealed and their trust and honesty is put to the test. All relationships go through ups and downs and life is not always perfect. This story highlights this aspect of relationships and the temptations that threaten them. The willingness of the main characters to hang in and fight for what they want is paramount. In the end, they learn a lesson about themselves and each other.

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