Life Blood by V. M. Black

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In a world where vampires are born, not made....

All she wanted was life. But he needed her blood.

Cora Shaw is desperate to live. Diagnosed with terminal leukemia, her only hope is the reclusive billionaire Mr. Thorne, who promises her a cure--but at what price?

Mr. Thorne seems to hold strange powers over her, able to twist pain into unimaginable pleasure. A man who, she discovers, isn't a man at all.

Life Blood introduces you to the world of Aethereal Bonds, which looks very much like our ownmbut is secretly populated by vampires, shifters, demons, and faes.  This secret won't last long, however, for the small choices of a single, seemly ordinary girl will change the fate of a civilization and rip apart the world as she knows it.