The Blood Bargain - Young Adult Horror/Dystopian by Macaela Reeves

"This isn't your average end of the world, zombies take over and eat people story." - Amazon

"4.5 out of 5 Stars!" - The Bookie Monster

When the world is torn apart by the living dead, the last traces of humanity regroup in the country only to be confronted with a new horror; vampires. Driven by the depletion of their food source, these vampires offer protection for the surviving humans in exchange for blood; an offer that is begrudgingly accepted, forcing the last humans on earth into an uneasy alliance with their predators.

Evelyn 'Liv' Younger was fourteen when the deal was struck. Now, ten years later, she serves as a day guard for a small band of survivors living in the vampire protected colony of Junction. Her world is suddenly turned upside down when she picks up a garbled distress signal thought to be from within the city to the north, a place long since abandoned to the dead.  As her investigation into the strange transmission reveals more questions than answers, Liv realizes her only ally in uncovering the truth may be one of the fearsome vampires she trusts least of all.