Verum - A SciFi thriller by Ruairí Cinéad Ducantlin

I had, with the tilt of a coffee mug and a silent nod, committed my life to stopping the extermination.  Agreeing to fight, with your life, is a surprisingly simple thing to do when the alternative is worse than death.  I retain the permanent scars that will prove to you what I am telling you is not only truthful it may have actually happened.

Fleeing for your life is always a crucial moment in the timeline of your existence.  I was trying to take flight, literally running through a parking garage eager to sprout wings and fly away.  The upside of the terror I was feeling with the Agent Smith meatheads shooting at me is that I was struck by the realization: I think I know why 4A was so agitated.  The guy in 4A was afraid of Morningstar Pharmaceuticals.

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