Claire Stevenson Bruised - A magical fiction story by Benjamin Cunha

What if, everyday of your life people hated you for things you had no understanding of why. And their growing hatred of you, beckoned at the shadows to hunt you down. This is the story of Claire Stevenson a 16 year old girl attending BakeShire High, a playground of tormented and sick individuals that are gathering to get revenge on Claire, for things they believe she is the cause of. Claire is not alone at the school though, she has mentor that watches out for her like her own, Mrs. Clambershut is a wacky Science teacher that has ties to this town's past and things to come.

Claire has led a life of torture and agony at the hands of her abusive father, and sisters that resent her for the special 'treatment' she receives. But Claire hasn't been alone, her best friend Tayla Swinson has been by her side since the time they were little girls. And they together have stood the tide against long time rival Debby MacShire, a bully that believes Claire has brought all of her life's miseries onto her. But now a new threat emerges from the shadows, planning to take Claire by the throat. This powerful entity, merely known as the "Insect," seeks Claire to be his queen and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He leads a powerful group, that wield special powers, and they too are just as twisted.

Claire and her family must put aside their differences if they wish to stop the Insect and survive this ordeal. The past must come to the surface, and shocking revelations about Claire's family will come to light and nothing will ever be the same. Witness a story about love and the power to overcome one's own circumstances and become stronger for it.