Wildcard - cyberpunk by Kelly Mitchell


Wildcard tells the story of young Karl, abandoned by his mother at 10, for reasons she could not explain. Quickly swept up in a web of strange AI's and powerful people, Karl is slated for a difficult fate. With the help of the young Sergeant, he must cross the dangerous barrier into Information Space where thy mythical Wildcard - the first AI - has created an alternate universe. Wildcard was trapped on creation, and spent 100,000 years in AI time-rate - alone. Wildcard will not respond to humans, but he is out there. And he needs Karl for a mission so terrifying he must trick him - and his crew - into going.

Karl must find his mother Martha, to save her from a lifetime of psychic torture at the hands of the Benefactor. Along the way, he will have to outwit the Benefactor's field agent - the Mechanic and win the assistance of the last AI - the self-styled D'Artagnan.

But the all-powerful Wildcard is Wounded by humanity's error - which trapped him alone. The Wound, it seems, has a life of its own. And it is not willing to forgive.