Date Night - a contemporary romance by R.C. Matthews

DATE NIGHT is the first of four books in the Wish Come True Series which centers around a grandmother's wish to see her grandchildren happily married before cancer takes her away. The series is funny, whimsical and ends with a happily ever after for all three grandchildren. It's a nice mixture of romance, chic literature and women's fiction as Grannie plays a key role throughout the series. If you love meddling grandmothers, then you're going to want to read this series. Although the series is best read in order, because scenes from Book 1 are repeated in Book 2 and Book 3 but from the perspective of the other characters, each book can be enjoyed on a stand alone basis. In DATE NIGHT, Jordan Billette faces the greatest challenge of her life - find her soul mate and get married before cancer takes Grannie away forever. Not dating? No problem. A dating service will turn up a soul mate. JT Murphy has been best friends with Jordan's brother for years. When he agrees to protect Jordan from unworthy dates at the restaurant where he waits tables, he gets more than he bargained for!