The Curse of the Golden Coins - adventure by Kaye Pascal

The Curse of the Golden Coins is a 161 page e-book. It is a fast paced fantasy adventure story that is perfect for a quick read. The setting is rural America 1865. The protagonist Del, is a 23 year old who had served the Union Army during the Civil War. During the spring of 1865 as the war is coming to an end, Del stumbles onto a cave. He finds a chest of golden coins. He believes this is a lost treasure that will make him a fortune. This long lost treasure is not what it seems to be. Del discovers that what he thinks is a treasure is a curse. He is faced with a sinister presence of sorts. His treasure reveals a world of magic that leads him on a fast paced adventure. His ultimate goal is to defeat this sinister presence and save his life. Del is joined on his adventure by his friend Sawyer who is an ex-slave. He is also joined by new friend Willow. Beneath the layer of a fast paced adventure is the story of friendship. As magic and myth unfold, the three friends work together to save Del from the curse of the golden coins. If you like a good adventure without the romance, this is a good read. It is not the predictable story of a lost treasure that has been tried over and over again. This is a unique historical fantasy adventure that has twists and turns until the end and is still relevant to today’s audiences. A good mixture of historical adventure with a dash of supernatural elements and a sprinkle of fantasy makes for an exciting read.