Defending Turquoise - a Legal Thriller by John Ellsworth

Turquoise Begay is a sexual abuse survivor whose abuser is murdered on the Navajo Reservation. Thaddeus Murfee is the lawyer who defends Turquoise in on a charge of murder. The story takes place in Flagstaff. A second trial is also featured as the wife of the District Attorney is charged with his murder. Thaddeus defends both cases, only to find they are connected. A surprise ending awaits the studious reader who carefully puts together the evidence presented so that the true nature of the crime is known before book’s end.

An adventure into the real world of criminal law, setting a new standard for legal thrillers, DEFENDING TURQUOISE is the riveting story of one survivor’s quest for justice, one girl’s attempt to break free of her past, and one lawyer’s fight to help the broken heal.

"Another well written, very imaginative story by Mr. Ellsworth. This was actually two trials, but the results of the second trial would be disastrous for the Not Guilty verdict handed down in the first trial. I greatly enjoy the legal court scenes in this and other books by the autho" — Amazon Five Star Review

"You will never forget Turquoise Begay, I promise you. And you will never forget the courage revealed in her drama.”— John Ellsworth