Harry's War by Ed Benjamin


Harry's War describes how fighter pilot warriors think, and the challenges they face when they return to earth.  The book treats war in both its literal and metaphorical sense.  It explores an air battle that takes place over Iraq along the Iraq-Iranian border.  Soon, the reader finds Harry in the middle of a crazy dogfight with four Iranian Su-27 Flanker fighter planes over Iraqi skies. Harry is flying an F-15, the inferior craft, but he’s the superior pilot. The air combat “dogfight” scene entertains you better than any other novel.  It is so well-written it actually places you in the middle of an intense air battle.  Then, the story morphs seamlessly into a new scene, a second war unfolds, one equally as hard as the one Harry fought in the skies. Raw emotion is now on the table as Harry has to deal with demons from his past and fight for his survival in a new and very different future. This is not a Top Gun BS story. This is the REAL DEAL.  Harry's War is a must read.