Fighting Fifty, Mood Swings and Men. Woman's Fiction - Romance by Elaine Naylor

Set in a fictitious part of Liverpool, Katherine Case has a life other women might dream of.  Married to Bradley she has financial security. They live in the large house Bradley inherited from his parents; a property, which is situated in the exclusive borough of Croxley and offers Katherine a lifestyle far removed from the council estate where she was raised. A career at a local factory satisfies Katherine’s personal aspirations and in her private life she has Laurel Walker a work colleague, confidant and drinking buddy, who is more like a sister than a friend.

But Katherine is plagued by the unpleasant symptoms and irrational anxieties experienced by many women during their premenopausal years.  Her refusal to take HRT gives Bradley the perfect excuse to move into the guest bedroom.  Rumours of the factory closing threaten her independence and news of an illness forces her to reconnect with an Aunt she detests.  So when Katherine meets the enigmatic Jack Wade, who has flown in from America to help deliver a crucial project for the factory owner, she finds herself flattered by the attention he show’s her. In a moment of madness Katherine tells Jack she’s separated, a white lie she refuses to correct despite a stern warning from Laurel.

As Katherine seeks rest bite from the worries in her life she play’s a dangerous game with Jack, one that if she loses could cost her everything.