Journey - a paranormal romance by Claudy Conn

Journey takes us into a world of secrets, witches, immortals and another world's politics.
It introduces us to Riley and Finn...who it seems fate has intended to meet, but, will their worlds
keep them apart.

An excerpt:

He wore a smile that was more a cool smirk, and it boldly shouted, I’ve got it all, and I don’t care. I am rarely intimidated by this sort, and yet, there I was, right from my head to my toes, ready to hide and watch him from a hidden corner. Absolutely ridiculous.
I tried to turn away, but not before I took another survey and put him down to memory. I liked the way his thick, blue-black hair was styled in layers of shiny waves, some of which fell across his forehead and over his ears. I swallowed as my appraisal then determined that not only was he very tall—well over six feet—but he also had strong, football-man shoulders. All at once, I was oddly reminded of Wolverine, predatory and more than capable.
He was dressed in an expensive black sports jacket over what looked like a gray silk T-shirt. His black pants were also silky and hung over his hips in masculine lines. His green eyes opened wide and held a glint of something undefined as he looked me over, and I felt my cheeks suddenly burn. Did I say undefined? That’s not right. Those green eyes said, Bed … going to take you to bed.