How To Create Cities Of The Imagination, by James Abell

Have you ever wanted to create an imaginary city before? Well...

How to create astounding cities from your imagination. Have you ever dreamed of creating your very own imaginary city for artwork, comics, illustrations, animations, computer games or just for your own fun? This book will show you how and expand your limits of creativity and imagination by using free open source 3D/2D animation software including Blender, traditional sketching and model making. Purchase includes a free model of the complete 3D Blender environment if you sign up to my newsletter as well!

This book is about how you can find creativity, inspiration and use digital and traditional tools to push your imagination to its limits and create your own city from your imagination that has always been in your dreams! Learn by doing, learn Blender, Krita, Gimp, traditional drawing and model making while you stretch your imaginations and create something very special for yourself.

I take you through the entire process of making an imaginary city. From sketching and brainstorming ideas, to a clay model and then a full 3d graphics environment of the imaginary city. You will see how I plan, make creative decisions and use tools such as Blender to create a visionary futuristic ocean city. You can use all the important information only available in the book, the free model and free time-lapse video to learn, inspire and use this all to make your own imaginary city. Learn By Doing.