Outage - a post-apocalyptic survival tale by Ellisa Barr

Amazon link:  http://www.amazon.com/Outage-Powerless-Nation-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00KBQ7DUI

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When a mysterious pulse disables everything electronic, Dee is thrust into dangerous territory.  Her town faces collapse as disease and lawlessness run rampant.  With handsome, troubled Mason and friendly boy-next-door Hyrum at her side, Dee fights to survive and deals with a new, undeniable attraction at the same time.   Meanwhile, a corrupt, power-crazed sheriff is administering a terrifying brutality and preying on the sick and the well supplied. When he sets his sights on her home, can Dee put her feelings aside to save her family—and take back the power she’d feared was forever lost?

Although Outage is a work of fiction, many people have told me after they read it they have a sense of wanting to get better prepared.  Disasters (natural or man-made) happen all the time.  You don't have to be a "prepper" to take basic steps to prepare yourself and your family for a worst-case scenario.  A good starting point is 5 gallons of clean water per person, 3 days of meals that don't require cooking, and a basic first aid kit.  Also, be sure and talk to your family about what you'd do in an emergency. It might feel strange to have the conversation, and it doesn't need to be scary, just get on the same page about what your family plan is.  I hope you'll never experience a disaster, but I encourage you to be prepared in case you do.