Serpents in the Garden - an autobiography of an abused woman Mary Materniak

An autobiography of a woman who was abused at an early age. She compares herself with Eve in the Garden of Eden as she set out on a quest to find someone who truly loved her. She writes to all women who have been in abusive situation. She writes Scripture verses from the Bible to express how God healed her and drove the demons out of her life. She writes with great compassion for other women who have been in the same situations.  She shows how the Serpents with their poisonous venom came slithering into her life with one goal in mind and that was to destroy her. Through the Divine intervention of God she came out of darkness into a life filled with great victory. She shows how God taught her to prosper in every area of her life. She recounts exploits from living a life that was degrading to ministering the Gospel in other countries where women were in situations that she was in. She went from a tar paper shack to a mansion.