STEAMROLL - A Legal/Financial Thriller by Tom Ingram

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The career path of Don Tremain, an ambitious corporate attorney, takes an unexpected turn, and he is passed over for promotion. It's time for a change.

His family loves their southern California beach life, but they decide to take more control of their future by moving the family to a higher paying, higher profile job with Caldera Geothermal, a global alternative energy company on the frenetic San Francisco peninsula.

Tremain soon finds himself in deep over his head. To his surprise, the mentor attorney who hired him suddenly quits, leaving Tremain as the sole in-house attorney. Jealous infighting becomes rampant among the arrogant members of the company’s management team, who are desperately focused on financing the conversion of its geothermal projects around the world into money machines. Tremain, as the ‘in-house’ lawyer, must go on location to fix the broken projects. He earns a position of respect within the company by accomplishing near impossible tasks deep in the outer reaches of a corrupt backward region of post-perestroika Russia, where the company’s most lucrative geothermal project is located.

Meanwhile, a crooked banker who controls a clandestine group of elite investors, attorneys, and judges, works a financial time bomb into the complicated business plan of the company. The malevolent group seeks to line its own pockets by targeting Caldera Geothermal for bankruptcy, where the banker can control the outcome by wielding his profound power over his stable of corrupt Bankruptcy Court judges. That power is manifested in the form of payoffs, blackmail, and even murder.

Tremain must make tremendous sacrifices to get the job done.

This book reveals nefarious and powerful forces that might be at work. Are those forces really out there, controlling and ruining lives? You should hope – and pray – that you, and Don Tremain, survive them.