That Summer in Normandy - a historical novel by Rosemary Rudland

'The amplified telephone ring was deafening. Almost alarming.
'Dammit!' said Nelly. Perched on the side of the bath, she adjusted a towel round her relatively still slim figure and groped for the mobile placed  inches away on the washbasin....'

A few hours later, there is suspense, intrigue and tension around every corner as Nelly Spencer, an English animal welfare enquirer, working in northern France, is sent to investigate an isolated farm.
She expected to find a miserable dog, cat, horse or cow, but what  she discovers hidden in an ancient barn is something quite different and the start of an adventure that will change her life forever.

When Nelly encounters Louise, an elderly farm lady, she is slowly drawn into the somber memory of war-torn France. At the same time she is confronted with the uncertainty surrounding her own childhood.
With three intertwining stories of love and betrayal, woven against a backcloth of wartime heroism, this  moving, poignant read, combines historical reality and creative fiction. A fast moving novel stirred up and soaked in evocative details of life in rural Normandy. With salt  and spirit from the stricken Landing Beaches to spicy present day.