The Defendants - a Legal Thriller by John Ellsworth

Promo: 2/19 - 2/23 2015

The Defendants is the story of a cocktail waitress in a small town who goes out for a drink with the wrong guy. She wakes up six hours later and finds someone has carved the date’s first name in her breasts. Soon thereafter, the date is found dead. The cocktail waitress is charged with his murder. The state moves in and takes her young son and puts him in foster care when she is thrown in jail. Enter young, untested attorney Thaddeus Murfee, whom she hires to defend her. Thaddeus begins discovery and, with the able help of his paralegal Christine Susmann, puts together an incredible defense. Christine is a recently returned Iraq war veteran who knows her way around a law office, having also served as legal support for a group of JAG officers. The outcome is incredibly exciting as the mob sends hit men after Thaddeus and he is forced to defend himself in the only known way.

This is the book that ignited John Ellsworth’s meteoric writing career. Over the next twelve months John would put out six more Thaddeus Murfee books, all of them Amazon Best Sellers. Get this book for only $.99 today and get started with this exciting, fun series.