The Robusta Incident - comedic horror by Jennifer Fales

"The plot is somewhere between Mary Shelly and Mel Brooks" -5-stars says IndieReader

The Robusta Incident. Because office culture was just dying to be parodied, and nothing says zombie apocalypse quite like a good cup of coffee: When Howard Danishefsky, a chemist at a soulless international coffee conglomerate, is pushed beyond his limits one time too many by mindless corporate culture and his boss and ex-lover, the tight skirted Office Mussolini, Melinda Carpenter, he decides it's finally time to live up to a lifelong evil genius complex. What better way to do it, than by adding a very special ingredient to the coffee he’s been given carte blanche to develop, and placing the stuff into every machine in the building? Higher powers (including a voodoo queen with some serious mojo) reveal themselves, and his office zombie coworkers prove to be more of a problem than he’d anticipated. Can a man who doesn’t listen to his own dear, dead mother survive the fruits of his nefarious labor, or will it be curtains for Howard Danishefsky?