WWIV - Kids at War, dystopian thriller by e a lake

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Survivors of an unexplained 6-year darkness wage the daily battle of survival in our blackened world. Hope for recovery is long lost and, as resources become increasingly scarce, people turn to an increasingly corrupt militia for security and a struggling Catholic Church for faith.

In a desperate deal between the militia and the Church, five orphan children are displaced to central Wisconsin in the care of five young girls and fervent young nun. With the help of unfamiliar neighbors and an unreliable recluse, Sister Theresa’s new family faces an abandoned, uncertain future.

Trouble arrives daily in Theresa’s new world. The road bring strangers, and though she is trained to help, she must cast these wanderers off. The road brings war, as well. Life is now a series of battles for the basic necessities.

She must decide if her militia “purchased” helper will stand and fight with her. Allies are what she needs in these troubled times, and Hunter doesn’t give the slightest impression of being an ally, much less dependable.

This hopeless setting is where these 11 strangers must wage the war that will define their existence.

“WWIV -  Kids at War” continues E A Lake’s examination of the fall and subsequent struggles of humanity following a catastrophic global tragedy. “Kids at War” continues the stereotype-shedding theme established in the bestselling debut, “WWIV - In the Beginning”.