Breath and Soul: Yoga Therapy - Stories of Healing and Growth by Mina Gordon - Linhart

Mina Gordon-Linhart writes these stories as a gift to the world after 20 years of teaching yoga. This book merges the principles of yoga with stories of healing, growth, and development. Yoga creates a union between the soul and the body, between movement and breathing, between femininity and masculinity, between giving and acceptance. Body, mind, and spirit come together step by step in this holistic unification.

Mina Gordon-Linhart utilizes her vast knowledge and experience in many fields: pregnancy and birthing, geriatric counseling, and coping with illness. Through her stories, Mina turns the process of breathing into something new. She guides the reader down a balanced and moderate path to activate his or her Prana, life-force or, connecting the reader to unseen energies which exist inside the heart, the mind, and the solar plexus. "Breath and Soul" has been conceived out of a desire and a need to heal others — to help them give birth to their own truth, for their own sake.