One by One - the debut thriller by Robert Enright

How far would you go to avenge the one you love?

A mechanic with a life best forgotten, Lucas Cole embraces everyday with his wife, Helen. Settled peacefully in a small, Lancashire town in North England, he has finally found a life he still doesn't believed he deserves.

Curtis Drayton is the biggest crime lord in London. His notorious family, consisting of four brothers and a sister, have helped him strangle the life out of London with his bare hands. The police keep their distance and Curtis's need for power continues to grow.

Once one of the Metropolitan Police's best detectives, Paul Fletcher is lost in retirement. Widowed and on the verge of alcoholism, he tries to get by day by day. Estranged from his daughters, he holds on tightly to the way things were.

Officer Oliver Starling is destined for big things in the Met, with many already tipping him to make it far. Striving for more excitement than the usual patrols, Starling is looking forward to progression and proposing to his beautiful girlfriend.

One horrifying act on a rain soaked, London night will set these four paths on a collision course that will rock London to it's very core. In a world where violence only leads to more violence, the body count rises as the ripples reach further out.

This riveting tale of grief and revenge is the debut novel by Robert Enright and is a must for fans of gritty, edge-of-your-seat thrillers.

'All the way through the book I kept thinking about what I myself would be capable of if something that violent happened to my family, I think I may want to make them pay too.
The author has created not only a violent crime thriller but a crime thriller with depth.'
From the 5* review from Crime Book Club