Enter & Delete - A novel by John Mann


Saul Poliakov is caught in an unsalvageable marriage that is slowly dragging him, his wife Fay, and their daughter into a morass of depression and self-doubt. His obsession with Nataly, the only woman he truly ever loved and whose sudden and inexplicable disappearance in the past still haunts him, lies at the root of his problems. The novel that Saul is writing lays unfinished as he realizes his work, his marriage, his life cannot move on until he solves the mystery of Nataly’s vanishing. So he sets out in earnest to find her. Somehow Saul knows that he is at least partially responsible for her disappearance.

Saul’s best friend, David, exploits Saul’s marital failure to pursue and hopefully implement his own romantic plans with Fay. He has always loved and desired her, but his friendship with Saul, until now, has prevented him from following through with his feelings. He encourages Saul in his quest for his own less-than-honorable intentions. As the mystery of Nataly’s disappearance is steadily uncovered, it has extreme repercussions on both Saul and David’s life, resulting in their rude awakening and an unforeseeable and staggering end.

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