The Resistance - Epic Fantasy by Tim Vander Meulen

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A fantasy of epic scope and high adventure!
The Resistance is the spellbinding sequel to A Humble Heart, in which the human country of Gemdals is taken over by the evil Possessors of the North, and the human boys Henty and Clese win over an army of Elves to brave the journey to their homeland and retake it. The introduction of this second installment hearkens back to before the invasion of Gemdals and lays bare the secrets of the human country’s downfall. Upon reading some of the old dogmas of his kindred, Grinalka, one of the leaders of Barasel, engages in a plot to restore the glory of the Elves as it had been in ancient times when the Elves ruled the North. In venturing to both the countries of the humans and Dwarves, he succeeds in advancing the loyalty of the allied races, but does so by raising taxes and impoverishing them. In Gemdals of the humans, many deaths occur and the government is split, while in the Dwarven lands of Dwenlas and Frorland, Grinalka spawns a new age of truth-seeking and disorder that rents the whole nation apart. His actions leave the two countries ripe for the enemy’s taking.

Now the Leader of the Elves and his army, known throughout the world as the Resistance, seek the aid of both the wizards and the Dwarves. Their venture to regain Gemdals is met with many complications as conspiracies and betrayal arise from within their own ranks. With the discovery of dragons and many lost secrets, in no way is their journey peaceful. The tale is spun with many twists as the characters discover shocking truths and the real story behind the downfall of Gemdals.