Exposed by Jessica Love

You don't think we've met? I sat next to you once at the airport, and you asked me what time it was. I hoped you wanted to strike up a conversation. We sat at tables next to each other at that coffee shop on the corner, where the atmosphere and coffee both have character.

Remember when I caught you staring at me when I came out of the courthouse? Or was it the exquisite old building where I practice law? You were embarrassed, but I didn't mind, not at all. In fact, you made me smile.

Maybe we met at one of the "special clubs" I enjoy in Seattle, or Portland, or Vancouver or San Francisco, Denver or Las Vegas. You know, clubs where clothing is optional and anything goes, with friends or with strangers. I admit I like that, but "no" always means "NO."

I've been told I'm arctic cold, and hot as a black sand beach in the Caribbean; I'm either indifferent, or too passionately engaged. These are labels and don't really matter to me any more. I've been called a slut, a force, a lawyer, a nymphomaniac. You decide which one was the insult if you'd like, I don't really care.

Exposed is about who I am and why I'm that way. I describe a few events in a story you'll think explains everything. It doesn't, but gives an idea of how I grew up, how I discovered sex, what I like about men and what I don't, how close I came to being murdered and how that led to my discovery of who I really am.

Sometimes, when explanations fail, story is all we have. And though my story may be very different from yours, you and I are very much alike in those places where we hide our desires.

Readers have said:
“That was bloody brilliant! I like when I am pleasantly surprised by a book, but I absolutely love when I am blown away by one, and Exposed blew me away. I finished reading it yesterday, but I still can't stop thinking about it.”
“The author had an intricate combination of mystery, romance, angst and some suspense as it follows the leading lady- Jessica Love- through her life and eventually marriage.”
“There is a real story there and I'm hoping more people will give this book a chance as everything she tells you, is building up to a really good story and ending.”
“This was an AMAZING read! I absolutely loved it! It's not one of those romantic romance novels at all. Yes, there's sex, a bit of bdsm.. but for the most part it feels like a memoir. I am very surprised on how much i enjoyed it.”