Indigo Heartfire - a romantic fantasy by Jo Marryat

Robert Kirk returns to London after several years, looking for a new town, a new job, and  a new life. He'd hidden himself away in Cornwall, grieving the death of his wife, but needs to make a new start.  He begins work at a Health Center, working as an Osteopathic Physician, and reluctantly joins in their regular meditation session, very cynical about New Age notions. He encounters a fairy in the meditation: "Annabelle. Like Tinkerbell, only better"  and is convinced he's losing his mind, when she follows him home that evening. His shrink convinces Robert she's a figment of his imagination, made up by his subconscious mind to protect him, and if Robert ignores her, she'll fade away. Except she won't go away, and eventually forces Robert to acknowledge her by threatening to fly around butt-naked, and watch him trying to explain that to the shrink...

Then strange things start to happen when he listens to Annabelle; she's there to help him find a new love, and determined to do a good job. But the girl she thinks is right for Robert he's already fallen out with, big time. But when Robert saves a small girl from drowning, warned by Annabelle, they start to come together cautiously, and he begins to believe that there may be a another chance for him to fall in love again.

Indigo Heartfire is a fae, whimsical love story that deals with grieving with a light but sympathetic touch, showing that when you do believe and never give up hope, surprising things can happen on a journey back to happiness.