In the Shadow of the Spirits - historical fiction by Tallulah Salvator

Everyone values their freedom and peace but not everyone is lucky enough to live in a time that makes freedom or peace possible for the ordinary person. Iqharai and her sister were born into a tribe known only as The Wild Ones. They answered only to each other and lived free. Raxal was born to be their Spiritual Guide. But fate had different ideas and as children they witness the destruction of their freedom and then their tribe. Enslaved and sold in Spain as slaves they cannot escape the ghosts and memories that haunt them.
Can you imagine how it would have felt to be a girl sold into slavery so impossibly far from home?  To try to carry on with life when they weight of what your eyes had seen bore your spirit down? And yet despite it all, they struggle to find their own places in the world, places where they have enough freedom to be at peace with the shadows of the past.