The A.R.T of Motivation - Success in Life By Rediscovering Your Core Design by Ubong Ekpo

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"A" stands for Adventure into Self.
"R" stands for Rediscovery of what has always been in you.
"T" stands for Travelling the road to fulfilment of life goals.

This book has a goldmine of tools in each section that deals with elusive questions we could all face like:
"How do I know which of all the things I was motivated about six months ago to focus in the future?"
"I've tried so many things and I was excited about my job two years ago. I seem to have lost motivation again. Why do I hate it so much right now? Why do I keep starting over?"
"How do I get started discovering what my life goals are?"
Ubong Ekpo talks about going beyond a seasonal experience to uncovering the inexhaustible reservoir of motivation within you that flows out of your purpose, giftings and abilities.
"Yubi" as he is fondly called is a motivational teacher whose coaching,training and consulting solutions have helped individuals and clients across Europe and America