Night Cruiser: Short Stories about Creepy, Amusing or Spiritual Encounters with the Shadow, by Veronica Dale

What is “the shadow” these ten people encounter? For Isabel, it's the whisper from the basement that invites her to come on down. For second-grader Emma, it's the tortured spirit that has haunted her family for generations. For Deacon William, it's the damaged android that frightens visitors in the retreat house halls.

These insightful, award-winning stories move from fantasy to faith, from horror to humor to hope. They ask questions like:
·       What’s driving the car that prowls a lonely street at night?
·       Can Brent save himself from the deadly creature he’s sure his wife has become?
·       Donald teaches a night class, but what’s behind those thick glasses he turns upon his shyest student?

“We all have a shadow side,” the author says, “a part of ourselves that we’re not proud of and would rather not look at. The more we run away from it, the more we will project it into our horror movies, our fears, and even onto other people or groups. Those who meet the challenge, however, will find that dealing with their shadow can reveal an inner light.”

With a background in pastoral ministry, the author has found inspiration in psychologist Carl Jung’s studies of the Shadow and in J.R. R. Tolkien's belief that even the worst catastrophe can be redeemed.